Shipping since 1897

Bore has long traditions in shipping, and today's business is focused on flexible solutions to our customers cargo transportation requirements

Bore’s values and solid foundation in the shipping industry, reflects the long traditions since 1897.

Bore has evolved from being in the passenger shipping to RoRo tonnage providing, with a current fleet of RoRo vessels to meet the various cargo transport requirement in our customers trade.

The evolvement towards RoRo cargo operations started when Bore entered cargo services in 1924. In 1967, Bore introduced the first aft ramp RoRo vessel in Finland.

Today, Bore’s mission is to be a trustworthy corner stone in the development of our customers’ business within their specific trade to stand as Your Partner in Shipping to our charterers.


Historical Milestones


Bore Steamship Company was founded in 1897. Its first ship S/S Bore, built for year around traffic between Turku and Stockholm, was delivered in 1898.


Bore started cargo service trade from Finland in the Baltic and the North Sea area.


Finland – South American Line was opened. Bore sailed this line for 30 years.


Finnish Steamship Company, Rederieaktiebolaget Svea and Bore founded Silja Line for passenger service between Finland and Sweden.


Bore introduced the first aft ramp RoRo vessels in Finland.


Bore left passenger shipping, with a focus on cargo ships only. Bore King and Queen were delivered.


Bore merged into the Rettig Group. Bore continues line operations with the focus on owning and managing ships.


Rettig and Finnlines agreed a transfer of the Bore Line operations to the Finnlines Group.


M/V Norsky and Norstream were delivered from Aker Finnyards, Rauma, FInland.


Bore, Engship and BHC are merged into a new ship-owner: Rettig Group Ltd Bore Ship owning Company.


Bore was incorporated as Bore Ltd. New investments in RoFlex ® vessels, M/V Bore Sea and M/V Bore Song were delivered from Flensburg, Germany.


Bore decided to focus on RoRo-tonnage providing under Finnish flag.


Bore was acquired by the Spliethoff Group.


Bore Sea and Bore Song were flagged to NL flag.


Bore signed a new-building contract with Wuhu Shipyard Co.Ltd in China for three (3) new LNG-powered RoLo vessels to be built during 2022.


Delivery of 3 RoLo vessels, M/V Bore Way, M/V Bore Wave and M/V Bore Wind from Wuhu Shipyard in China.